Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will you Love Jesus More??

I feel quite sure if I did my best
I could maybe impress you
with tender words and a harmony
a cleaver rhyme or two
but if all I've done in the time we've shared
is turn your eyes on me
then I've failed at what I've been called to do
there is someone else I want you to see

Will you love Jesus more
when we go our different ways
when this moment is a memory
will you remember His face
Will you look back and realize
you sensed his love more than you did before
I'd pray for nothing less
than for you to love Jesus more

I'd like to keep these memories
in frames of gold and silver
and reminisce a year from now
about the smiles we've shared
but above all else I hope you will come
to know the father's love
when you see the Lord face to face
you'll hear Him say "well done"

1 comment:

Sammy Sunshine said...

What now God?
I though of something...
It was not what I thought it would be
now that this time is over and that there's nothing...
What now God?
If now when all is so quiet, after all those good times, will I ever remember His face?
Will the tears that were shed be forgotten? Will the echoed laughters that were gifts of His love,vanish in the quiet of boredom?
No daughters,
Not on our lives will we give up! Not now! The end was the beginnig, we cannot turn back now! We have something to live for, we have a love to enjoy we have Jesus' love to give we have borthers and sisters to guide, we cannot give in now.
What now God?
But Daddy, what if there isn't a bright future for me?
All my children have bright futures.
But Daddy what if I get sick?
You will have your soul to keep healthy.
What if someone dies?
They will be with me.
But Daddy what if my dreams don't come true?
I'll make them come true, here in heaven!