Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hay!!! its been way too long!

It's your friendly neighborhood, past excellian (I don't think that's a word), teammate! It has been a long time since we have all reconnected and updated our lives. So I figured I'd be the first :). well, in the past four years I have graduated from Bible College with a bachelors in Biblical Studies, and a certificate in music. Now working on a associates in music and in the coming spring will be attending a technical college for a shot at getting my CNA! I am still single, which for as busy a schedule as I have is not a big deal. I am working at an independent pharmacy as a clerk. I also deliver to a couple of nursing homes for them. that I enjoy the most. I have been able to witness to a couple tenants and get encouragement from others:). I have recently started helping on Sunday afternoons with the nursing home ministry that my church has! That has been great! We sing for them, with them, and the young men preach a short sermon to them. I also have been crazy as usual each summer traveling all over doing bible clubs in Natchez, MS, my town, and Baton Rouge, Doing youth mission camp with the Navajo Indians in Cortez, CO, and VBS in both my church, and for a homeschool convention in Baton Rouge. I am an aunt of 2 going on three children, and an honorary aunt of 11 going on 12! I also had a blessed opportunity to go to Delaware and win my 86 year old great uncle to the Lord, who than went home to be with the Lord only 2 & 1/2 months later! Of all the things I've been through these past few years 2 things stick out the most.

     One, is a little Girl I met at the Navajo Camp. It's official name is Camp Christa, in honor of my pastors daughter who was murdered just a few months before I came to Excel. Her name is Deandrea. a now 13 year old Navajo girl, who has a life no one could compete with. I had the honor to lead her to the Lord last year. She has been coming to camp since she was 9 or 10 and hasn't missed a camp until this year. she but in her short life it would almost seem as if she lived a longer one than you or me. she was taken away form her parents are alcoholics and due to the circumstances began using drugs at a very young age. she attempted suicide once and since than has been on anti-depressants. she suffers form cutting herself due to her depression and because of recently her family was evicted from there home started doing it again. she has been forced to go into therapy which is why she was not able to come this year. I was sad to not see her, but was glad to hear that her spirits were up. she got to help with bible clubs for a few days before starting therapy, and informed the missionary's wife that she knew it wasn't right for her to be taking the meds forced on her (she actually did better without them) and that therapy wasn't the answer, the bible was. She still knows she is saved but needs prayer for her to get better. She has been such a wonderful blessing in my life. and she does hope to attend next year. that is if they find a place to live by than. (pray for them, as far as I know they are still living in there car).
     The second is my mom. for the past 5 years I have practically been her home health nurse. She was diagnosed with c.o.p.d. and congested heart failure after my grandma died 5 yrs. ago on top of about 12 other illnesses (no exaggeration) she also suffered from degenerative arthritis which cased her to have knee replacement surgery of both knees two years ago. they did one at a time, and the first one went great, she healed wonderfully. The second one however, though it went well at first, they sent her home too early and the morning after fell and broke her ankle on the first leg, and popped a tendon on the new leg all the way to her thigh. now anyone who knows about knee replacement knows it is vital that your legs continue motion this stops blood clots and keeps the knee from stiffening up. In the predicament, however, she was forced to keep both knees immobile for 3 months. when she finally came home she was practically bedridden. she could not stand for more than a few seconds and the pain was worse than before her surgery. I had to take care of her 24/7. In December last year she was the worst. so bad in fact, that I had to cut back on work stop school, piano lessons, and even church. She started developing blood clots, one even burst in her lung, and needed her back massaged regularly because of the pain of staying in bed. Being obese didn't help her situation any. In February of this year I went one night sick with a migraine. I slept on the couch because I shared a room with mom so I could take care of her. She listened to the tv usually at nigh and I needed dark and quiet. the next morning was a work day and I was late waking up. I rushed to work not even checking on her and went on like a normal day. My dad called me that afternoon after he woke up and could not find momma any ware. he always slept in because he works a late shift at Wal-Mart and doesn't get home till midnight. He finally realized she had fallen in the bedroom behind the table she made jewelry at. She died early that morning of a blood clot. passing through her heart. thankfully it was quick, the firefighter on scene was a close friend and he said that even in a hospital with perfect health and all the right equipment would it be the same conclusion. That's how quick it is. I'm still getting over it. My dad and I still are amazed that it's real. But God taught me so much in that time and still now. It took patience, diligence, love, and faith to get through what I did for her, and just as much of each after she passed. God was so gracious to allow me to have her in my life. even through the hardest times I would not be ware I am today if that progression of events didn't happen first. To quote Fanny Crosby, she is now "Face to Face with Christ her Savior". At her funeral one of the songs sung was surly one that described her life and mine. the I will leave you with the words to the chorus and hope to hear from the rest of you soon. :)                               Love,

God's been good, in my life,
I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams, when I go to sleep each night,
And though I've had my share of hard times,
I wouldn't change them if I could,
Cause through it all,
God's been good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only 11 months late... ;)

Oh... my... WORD!

Do you all remember the rule Mr. Bell shared with us near the beginning of EXCEL about the airforce and punctuality? "Ten minutes before time is early; five minutes before is on time, and 'on time' is late, so BE punctual." ;) (Or something very close to that.)

Exactly eleven months ago to the day, Chrissy posted to encouraged us to blog a summary of our last six months. I suppose that means I have 15 months to summarize... Lol! What an undertaking! Here commences Operation Catch'em Up... :D

Official "Operation Catch'em Up"

Phase 1:
Operation Sweet Summer Survival
April-Aug 2010
Work 20 hours a
week as a page at my city library, conclude assistant teaching for a sewing class, nanny for a family down our street, enjoy time outdoors with family and friends, do a summer Bible study with my three sweetest-ever (Wisconsin) sisters in Christ
Summary: Busily enjoyable
Phase 2: Operation Fall Anticipation
Sept-Oct 2010
Continue Operation SSS, commence tailoring class (as a student)
Summary: Productively pleasing
Phase 3: Operation Oklahoma/Texas
Nov 2010
Fly to Oklahoma, drive with Alaina to Dallas, Texas, to attend EXCEL 33 graduation and see a ton of terrific friends(!!!!!) including a bunch of you!!! :D (Chrissy, I still can't believe you were there. <3)>

Phase 4: Operation Winter Craziness
Dec 2010-March 2011
Conclude tailoring class, commence teaching beginner's sewing class, working at Library, continue to enjoy more time with family and friends at Bible study, hockey
games, and get-togethers, redecorate my room, etc.
Summary: Fabulously fantastic.

God is so faithful and true. So much has happened in the last fifteen months that it is just crazy, but I wouldn't trade the lessons that my Lord has taught me for anything. God's blessings to you all! Hugs and prayers!

So remember my dear sisters, when all hope of posting in a punctual manner has flown away, the best motto should be: "Better eleven months late, than never!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

war between family and satan

tonight I just came home from a two day children's conference. the theme was war against satan. it was a kinggy castle type theme and we had a wonderful time. It was also very intense. we teach the kids in several different ways. one is in a small group. each team has about 10 or 15 children between 4 and 12. we teach them personally one on one about different biblical truths. the same truths are taught in a large group, in the songs thy learn, in the scriptures we memorize, in the puppet show and most of all visually in the sketches that are preformed. each sketch talked about a royal family (a king, queen, and two princesses) Sir Deablou (who represented satan) was the evil trickster that tried tirelessly to tear the family apart. kidnapping, starting gossip and more. the one that visually hit my heart was the last battle. a story of what will happen in the future, were Sir William the valiant knight fought voicelessly against Sir Deablou. after finally winning he was put on trail and banished from the kingdom were Sir William than bound and gaged Deablou and through him into the lake of fire! I began to choke up when the royal family began to rejoice over the fact that they can now live a life without the trickster. What a wonderful picture of the rejoicing we will one day have when we can live an eternity without satan! God has blessed these past two days with such wonder it would take hours to explain. We did a parent presentation were we sang and quoted the scripture and songs the children had learned about our sward and how to fight satans temptations. at the end Deablou appeared one more time manly speaking as a charge to the parents. He told them "I am after your kingdom, I want to destroy your family you fathers are the only way to keep me out. I hate scripture and God, I want your family to fall apart, I want your children." it does seem intense and even scary but in the day we are living in even me personally knowing of and experiencing myself friends and family who have a member who has turned there hearts away from home, they needed such a charge. The understanding of the importance of protecting the family. I am so encouraged and tired and ecstatic all at the same time. I am already looking forward to next year.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please Post

Hiyah, girls :D

I was wondering what all of you have been up to? I think it would be a grand idea to have everyone write a post summing up the last six months... So if you still read this, or get updates from it pleas participate :) Because I would love to hear about you :)


Monday, February 1, 2010

my dear friends

well hello there, it has been so long since I have talked to you!! I am so sorry for my tardiness, it has been so busy. first, I am now in bible collage! our pastor has started slandered bible baptist collage. its in modules. we will do between 1 and three weeks at a time, then take a brake for a week or two then start a new one. It is so exciting. along with it Aaron Baker has started Ezekiel shcool. a very long intense collage corse on music. in fact anyone who has heard of or been to sound foundations, that use to be in Indianapolis, that is what he is teaching by. As well as other stuff he feels we need to know. today is my first day of that. I will be leaving very shortly, so I wanted to get my post in before I leave. please pray for me. this Module will take 3 weeks 8 to 530 (sometimes later) 6 days a week! but in the end of about two years I will have a associates in music and with the other classes I will later get a bachelors in christian education. well got to go, my ride just called and will be here shortly. love y'all *bye*

Friday, October 30, 2009

Two posts from me in a row!

Goodness me!
Well I hope you guys are all doing well! I am doing well. I am currently working on finishing school and have been recently looking up some info so I can get into college. If all works well and if God is on my side, then I will enroll next fall. Meanwhile I'm pretty excited! I can't wait to see what my future holds... :)
Ah and I am SO looking forward to CHRISTMAS! AND SNOW!

I love you all bunches x 3 + 5!

See ya!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hehehe, so sorry guys!

My gosh! As your Sunshine I have been lacking discipline in giving you news! Well rest assured, I did not die! My ankle is way better, I even got a job and surprised myself by skating today with only falling of my skate once. I guess I can say that I've been pretty busy lately, I got a job so I worked all summer. Of course I'm still writing; the one I'm currently working on right now is a book I called "Deathwish" Okay I know it sounds really weird and creepy but it's not so bad! I mean, I love it so far, there are still a lot of things about it that I don't like but I'm just in love with the idea of my book. Shoot me an e-mail if you want an exert to be posted on the blog someday. Oh and Chrissy did ask me to get a song of mine on the blog sometime. Well turns out I have one, but I don't think I can post the music so I'll just post the lyrics:

I got so little to say
And my words are too small
Every bits of my heart that are falling
are melting in your presence
and when I see your robe
filling your temple
and all the angels singing:
Holy, holy, holy!

A breaking heart
A flaming coal
A voice that said:
Who will I send,
To walk before me
and speak the truth?

A voice called from the east
Here's the one I will sustain
My chosen one that I love and
in whom my soul delights
In him I entrusted my spirit
He will speak the the truth
And the heavens will shout:
Holy, holy, holy!

A breaking heart
A flaming coal
A voice that said
Who will I send
To walk before me
and speak the truth?

I got so little to say
And my words are too small
Every bits of my heart that are falling
Are melting in your presence
My knees are shacking
My lips burning I said:
Here I am Lord, send me:
Holy, holy, holy!

So yeah, I was thinking I could compose another for my church soon, but I still don't know about that one. So we'll see. Meanwhile! I thank God for working in my life the way he does! I mean, I couldn't have a special person thats more patient or lovable than he is!

Love you guys!