Thursday, December 18, 2008

Give me a sunshine!


I guess its now legal to wish you all a merry christmas! I had news not so long ago that I am having another appointment with the doctor on the 6 of January. Sometimes I really wish I could've had slowed down a bit that evening...but oh well, thats not my business' its God's. Nothing has really happened that is truly exciting except I have acquired myself the task of being Cinderella. I have been most happy to become of some use, even though my heart gets broken so very often at the task...I guess God can't afford for me to become lacking in any way. I truly hope though that I will learn my lessons some day. Ah well, I find it helpful sometimes to recall my time there, when I was put before so much truth. But oh well, life is good! There's lots and lots snow here now. Not that its unusual around Christmas. I only wish you could all have a white Christmas, just as I do almost every single year! I am blessed, truly blessed. I have written a lot too lately and am most happy with the outcome of my story. So that is a great subject of happiness! 


Sammy Sunshine.

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Sarah said...

Merry CHRISTmas to you, too, Sunshine!! I am praying that God would give the doctors wisdom and skill and that He would enable your foot to heal completely!

I am happy to hear about the progress that you have made on your story. Generally, when the author herself is pleased with what she has written, it means that the story is very well done! :) If you ever post some of it, please let me know, as I'd love to read it!

I love you very much, Sammy! Always remember how very much God loves you and how precious you are to Him, and never forget all that He has done for you to show you more fully the vastness of His love and care you!!

Your friend, Sarah