Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy roller-coaster ride through life!

Hey y'all!! I am back from AE a little sooner than expected and I'm excited to be posting again! I'm not sure if it's exactly my day or not but since Sarah is still at AE and it is Wednesday, I figured I'd just give it a shot.

The reason I'm home early is because I got very very sick last weekend and ended up going to the hospital for two nights. I had a high fever with a really bad ear infection and, possibly pneumonia or sepsis. Kind of like an infection throughout my whole body. The doctors are really not sure and, once again, I was labeled a "Medical Mystery" which is pretty much the story of my life.

This is definitely not the way I planned AE to go but God's ways are best and I have learned SO much through this experience. God has just become a whole lot more real and personal to me. I talk to Him almost all the time now and what's really great is that, since I'm actually listening to what He has to say, He talks to me too!

I also turned 18!!! My birthday, despite being in the hospital all day, was the best birthday ever. The nurses all wished me a happy birthday, I got a little cake from the kitchen, I got a birthday card from the nurses, I got to sign a property release form thingy before I went to my room, my little brother called and sang happy birthday to me in his own special way, and to top it all of, the entire AE class came to room in party hats and sunglasses and gave me flowers and a bunch of cool presents that I'll treasure forever!! It was great!

I came home Tuesday afternoon and slept pretty much all day. Today, I've been able to stay awake but I'm pretty tired so I'll probably go to bed pretty soon. I was able to finish two assignments and I'm going to set up a video conference over Skype with Grace, Lauren and Chrissy so they can fill me in on everything I need to know for the home practicum.

So, despite all the bad circumstances that did happen, I'm pretty happy and just enjoying life right now. Recovery is going nice and slow but it is going and I'm feeling better every day. Continue to keep me in your prayers and remember that y'all are in mine. I love you!!!


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