Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love our blog, don't you?

Well, everyone, I am a day late. My apologies! I remembered last night around 11:45, and I was not about to take the time to post at that late hour!! Anyone who has a problem with my decision will just have to deal with it. LOL! :)

I really do love our team blog as it has worked the best for me to be able to keep in touch with y'all! I enjoy each post and love you all tremendously!

Congratulations, beloved Chrissy, on being the 50th person to post on our blog! You have just won a FREE* trip to Honolulu, all expenses paid. All you have to do to collect it is send me your credit card info and let me know when you would like to go! Call me at 1-840-247-4779 and your tickets will be in the mail. Again that number is 1-UGO-CHR-ISSY and we will be waiting for your call! :) LOL!

My life has been very easy to summarize lately... God is good, assignments are progressing, and I am enjoying time with my family. Brief and to the point, I know, but I am enjoying it!

FYI: My family and I will not be taking our annual trip to TX for Big Sandy Regional Conference this year. Our van has decided to retire and so, until we purchase a new one (which we are hoping to do in the next week or two), we are with out the necessary transportation for such a arguous journey. No! Don't even suggest it! Walking... walking is TOTALLY out of the question! :) Looking forward to next year... :)

Blessings to all of you! I am praying for you. Thank you for putting up with my humerous mood! I seem to be able to make everything seem funny right now. :) Hopefully my goofiness (if that is a word) has brought a smile to your face!

Because He lives and In God We Trust, enjoy each day that the Lord has blessed you with! His mercies truly are new every morning and His love is the very BEST! (See Ephesians 3:13-21!)
Love you lots!

~ Sarah

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