Monday, February 1, 2010

my dear friends

well hello there, it has been so long since I have talked to you!! I am so sorry for my tardiness, it has been so busy. first, I am now in bible collage! our pastor has started slandered bible baptist collage. its in modules. we will do between 1 and three weeks at a time, then take a brake for a week or two then start a new one. It is so exciting. along with it Aaron Baker has started Ezekiel shcool. a very long intense collage corse on music. in fact anyone who has heard of or been to sound foundations, that use to be in Indianapolis, that is what he is teaching by. As well as other stuff he feels we need to know. today is my first day of that. I will be leaving very shortly, so I wanted to get my post in before I leave. please pray for me. this Module will take 3 weeks 8 to 530 (sometimes later) 6 days a week! but in the end of about two years I will have a associates in music and with the other classes I will later get a bachelors in christian education. well got to go, my ride just called and will be here shortly. love y'all *bye*

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Jennifer said...

Hey girly!! So how do I make a post on our blog! I'm finally going to get on this. lol :)