Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only 11 months late... ;)

Oh... my... WORD!

Do you all remember the rule Mr. Bell shared with us near the beginning of EXCEL about the airforce and punctuality? "Ten minutes before time is early; five minutes before is on time, and 'on time' is late, so BE punctual." ;) (Or something very close to that.)

Exactly eleven months ago to the day, Chrissy posted to encouraged us to blog a summary of our last six months. I suppose that means I have 15 months to summarize... Lol! What an undertaking! Here commences Operation Catch'em Up... :D

Official "Operation Catch'em Up"

Phase 1:
Operation Sweet Summer Survival
April-Aug 2010
Work 20 hours a
week as a page at my city library, conclude assistant teaching for a sewing class, nanny for a family down our street, enjoy time outdoors with family and friends, do a summer Bible study with my three sweetest-ever (Wisconsin) sisters in Christ
Summary: Busily enjoyable
Phase 2: Operation Fall Anticipation
Sept-Oct 2010
Continue Operation SSS, commence tailoring class (as a student)
Summary: Productively pleasing
Phase 3: Operation Oklahoma/Texas
Nov 2010
Fly to Oklahoma, drive with Alaina to Dallas, Texas, to attend EXCEL 33 graduation and see a ton of terrific friends(!!!!!) including a bunch of you!!! :D (Chrissy, I still can't believe you were there. <3)>

Phase 4: Operation Winter Craziness
Dec 2010-March 2011
Conclude tailoring class, commence teaching beginner's sewing class, working at Library, continue to enjoy more time with family and friends at Bible study, hockey
games, and get-togethers, redecorate my room, etc.
Summary: Fabulously fantastic.

God is so faithful and true. So much has happened in the last fifteen months that it is just crazy, but I wouldn't trade the lessons that my Lord has taught me for anything. God's blessings to you all! Hugs and prayers!

So remember my dear sisters, when all hope of posting in a punctual manner has flown away, the best motto should be: "Better eleven months late, than never!"


Heather said...

I am so glad u posted!i was beginning to feel our joyous class was dissapearing. JOY and HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrissy said...

hahaha, Niiiice Sarah! ;)