Saturday, April 24, 2010

war between family and satan

tonight I just came home from a two day children's conference. the theme was war against satan. it was a kinggy castle type theme and we had a wonderful time. It was also very intense. we teach the kids in several different ways. one is in a small group. each team has about 10 or 15 children between 4 and 12. we teach them personally one on one about different biblical truths. the same truths are taught in a large group, in the songs thy learn, in the scriptures we memorize, in the puppet show and most of all visually in the sketches that are preformed. each sketch talked about a royal family (a king, queen, and two princesses) Sir Deablou (who represented satan) was the evil trickster that tried tirelessly to tear the family apart. kidnapping, starting gossip and more. the one that visually hit my heart was the last battle. a story of what will happen in the future, were Sir William the valiant knight fought voicelessly against Sir Deablou. after finally winning he was put on trail and banished from the kingdom were Sir William than bound and gaged Deablou and through him into the lake of fire! I began to choke up when the royal family began to rejoice over the fact that they can now live a life without the trickster. What a wonderful picture of the rejoicing we will one day have when we can live an eternity without satan! God has blessed these past two days with such wonder it would take hours to explain. We did a parent presentation were we sang and quoted the scripture and songs the children had learned about our sward and how to fight satans temptations. at the end Deablou appeared one more time manly speaking as a charge to the parents. He told them "I am after your kingdom, I want to destroy your family you fathers are the only way to keep me out. I hate scripture and God, I want your family to fall apart, I want your children." it does seem intense and even scary but in the day we are living in even me personally knowing of and experiencing myself friends and family who have a member who has turned there hearts away from home, they needed such a charge. The understanding of the importance of protecting the family. I am so encouraged and tired and ecstatic all at the same time. I am already looking forward to next year.

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