Friday, December 19, 2008

God is with us

dear friends,
I realized talking to meg the other night that I missed my time to post. O well, I wanted to let you know the news.

mom is home now! completely healed!!! She is stronger than when she came home the first time, and is up and around. The problem was this...
sometime in the past (maybe before the surgery, or before that) she was stuck with and IV or a shot that was not sterile. she had hepatitis, encephalitis, and about 7 other blood infections. the night she went into the hospital her kidneys and liver shut down, she has sleep apnea, (which is when you sleep your breathing is very very shallow and wide spaced) so it was giving her complications breathing. She had so much fluid around her brain, they said it seemed imposable that she came back mentally in only 5 days!!! she is now completely and totally healed!!!!!!!!! God worked a wonderful miracle in her life. the doctors are amazed!!! the say that nobody has ever healed completely from all this, let alone this quickly!!!! one of the nurses came in and said "hi, I just wanted to see our hospitals first miracle! God worked so mightily in moms life and truly did work a miracle. she almost died many times and was in such bad health the doctors are flabbergasted that she is still alive and with no brain damage. She had the opportunity to wittiness to many of the nurses and tell them this was God getting her attention in some areas and it happened this was for God to get the glory. God has been so good to our family, giving mom back to us, and with a new thirst for God she didn't have before. what I'm sharing with you is only the beginning of what they told us, she was very sick, but now is completely clean. Thank you for your prayers I know the helped :). God bless I love you all :)

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Sarah said...

Praise the Lord for His miraculous healing!! Thank you for the update! I am very glad to hear that your mom is doing so very much better!! What a mighty GOd we serve!!

Love you! :)