Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yes, I missed my day to post! Sorry guys!
I actually realized it Wednesday, but I figured that I would post on the weekend, instead of taking away from someone else's day, and causing confusion, lol.

Life has been pretttttty weird lately....
Honestly, it's been a tough couple of weeks for me...
I just feel like I keep letting people down and not being all that I could be....
It's not really a place that I enjoy being very much.
I really don't know what to say about it..
It's pretty awkward blogging about it, lol.

Well, what else can I say?
God has been strangely faithful. Haha, or should I say, I have been strangely aware, lately, of how faithful He always is.

The more I keep track of what I pray about (all thanks to Mrs. Welch's devotional prayer thingy), the more I see God answering my prayers.. It's amazing that He doesn't just take care of the needs, but sometimes He lavishes me with what I simply want, too!
It reminds me of that song by Casting Crowns that says, "Your love is extravagent".
Sometimes it's so much more than I could ever ask for.

This month I have actually been pretty busy, haha.
If you know me, you know that I am pretty good at looking busy, but often I really have a ton of free time.... sometimes too much free time. Anyway, it's been great to be busy! Lots of church stuff, and also I have been helping my neighbor with their catering business, so that has provided some much needed (and much coveted) money... yay!

So... hmm... I wonder what you all have planned for Christmas?
Things will be pretty simple for me...
This week two of my friends have one of their parents, respectively, going out of town, so a bunch of us have been hanging out all weekend and will probably continue to do fun stuff until Tuesday or Wednesday... yeah!!! Plans include a bonfire, movies, games, snacking, and I might spend some time teaching my friend some tricks on my bmx bike.

Christmas day... I'm not sure what exactly I will do... I think a bunch of my family is coming to my house, and once again we will celebrate the unorthodox way- replacing the classic turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, etc., with Italian food instead! We did it two years ago, and boy, is it refreshing next to all the cliche' holiday food, hehehe.

Well, I need to get to bed..
Sorry again to all for missing my blog day. Terribly sorry.
Anyway, I have really missed all of you the last couple of days.
God Bless!


Sammy Sunshine said...

Hi Meg! Loved your sweet post, man I really miss you like crazy!
We most often have a traditional actually this year's going to be a little different. Since my sister in law has very young kids, she has to leave early. So this year they'll come earlier and leave earlier. :P That works except its less fun! Im a night owl ( as if you didn't know) But other then that, well have a blast! We will eat then open up our presents and maybe watch some movies...depending on the mood! Baking, cleaning, laughing, running at each other and hitting each other :P YEah! Christmas is a ton of fun and a wonderful event we should remember all year long! Love.
Sammy Wammy

Heather said...

we will be having a traditional christmas as well, the only thing differant will be that I will be experamenting with the stuffing :) I will be prepairing dirty rice stuffing insted of the normal stuff. add a little cajion to our menu :) merry christmas meg ;)