Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Talk to you all next year!!

Well, dear friends, this is my last opportunity to talk to all of you in the year 2008! Tomorrow begins another new year that God has blessed us with! My prayer for you in the year 2009 is that our Heavenly Father will continue to draw each of you closer to Himself each and every day as He continues to unfold His special and perfect plan in and through your lives, and that each of us would be willing to be made willing to be wholly available and wholly useful for His service!!
I'd like to share with you some highlights from the last couple of weeks and some things that are coming up for me in January.
My parents and I had been praying about the details for my traveling down to Dallas in February. In my family's Christmas letter, my mother mentioned that I was going to AE and if anyone had an extra airline ticket that they had gotten from frequent flier miles and were unable to use, to please keep me in mind. On Christmas day, my dad's brother called to say that he had a ticket for me and that, if we swung by his house on the way home and gave him the necessary information, he would book it for me the next day! I was very excited at this answer to prayer, as it would save me about $350! The only draw back was that Uncle Doug said that he couldn't guarantee that the flight would be non-stop. (Mom and Dad really wanted me to have a non-stop flight since I would be traveling alone.) We decided to pray that God would bless us by providing a flight had the specifications that we needed. The next day, Uncle Doug called and said that he had e-mailed my travel information to me and I should go and check it out. I went, and looked, and what did I see but a non-stop ticket that was exactly what we had been praying for! God answers prayer!! Of course we all know that, but it is very encouraging to me when He makes His answers so clear that I know for sure that God did this just because He loves me!
Jennifer called me! I really enjoyed talking to her! She is leaving very soon (I think!) for Oregon!! I want all of you to feel free to give me a call any time. I'd love to hear from you!
I have assigned myself to read through my Bible in the year 2009. Although we have read through the Bible as a family a few times, I have never done it by myself before, so I decided that it was about time that I accepted the challenge. I would appreciate it if you would all help me by keeping me accountable! :) There is something so encouraging and motivating about accountability. . . !!
I have jury duty in January! I was kind of surprised when I received the letter from our city court saying that my name had been selected in a random drawing and that I should be on call for jury duty for the month of January. It was another answer to prayer, though, since my turn will be over before I leave for Dallas! I am looking forward to jury duty, as this will be my first time to do it!
I'd like to close with a quote by George Muller that was very encouraging to me when my family came across it in Wisdom Book a couple of years ago.
"God's work, done in God's way,
will never lack God's supply.
He is too wise a God to frustrate His purposes
for lack of funds,
and He can just as easily supply them ahead of time,
as afterwards,
and He much prefers doings so."
God's resources are limitless, His power is infinite, His love is unceasing, and nothing is so great that He is not greater still!!!
"He hath done all things well." Mark 7:37
Love to y'all!

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