Tuesday, December 30, 2008


to mix it up, I will give you some of my favorite quotes/lyrics...

"Meaninglessness comes not from weariness of pain and suffering, but from weariness of pleasure."Ravi Zacharias

if only we as a culture could get that in our heads^^^^

"Well, I'm just people watching The other people watching me And We're all people watching The other people watching we... I'm just you, you're just me"Jack Johnson

I love this one, because it reminds me that so often we all have the same struggles, the same thoughts, the same emotions, no matter how different we think we are from others, or how much better we feel.

On that subject, I remember a couple of summers ago in Russia, when James (the missionary my sister and I assist) said during a Bible study that you can find something to love in anyone....
Ever since then, I've found that no matter how annoying or whatever a person is, there is ALWAYS something to love about them.

Try it this week.....

who annoys you?

Find something to love about them!

Yea, and that's all, because I need to get off the comp!!

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chrissy said...

Wow, that was just a bit convicting... find something to love about someone who annoys you... Thanks for sharing these thoughts :D