Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow, where has the time gone...
Life has gotten crazy busy with December activities,
studying and work.
I am sure each of your lives is also getting busy as the days go on, but please remember, God needs to be your foucus. Never take your eyes off Him and all the other things will fall into place and you will have more contentment than you thought possible, and a greater peace than you can imagine.
This is the lesson God has been teaching me since I have been home. He, once again, is telling me to rest in Him and to remember that in Him alone I find completeness. He has also been challenging me to be completely wherever I am, whether at home or else where. That "no man putting his hand to the plow looks back" and to "take no thought for the morrow, sufficient to the day is the evil thereof."
My prayer for you is that you would live in today and look on only your beloved savior's face. That you would be completely wherever you are and remember that Jesus came as a servant and layed down His life for you, not only in death but in life... go and do likewise for Him...

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Sarah said...

Thank you for the reminder, Chrissy! I love you dearly!

Two things:
1.) I mailed my AE application on Friday the 12th, so they should have gotten it today! :)
2.) I found the slip of paper that you had given to us with our assigned day to post, and my day is the FIRST Wednesday, not the second like I had remembered. Oops! I'll be posting tomorrow! :)