Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hello everybody! It is my last turn to post before AE starts... AAAAAH!!! You could say I'm a little stressed out... but just a little! ;-) I went shopping on Monday and got some cute things for AE and, drum roll please... I got a cell phone!!! Finally!!! So if you want my number let me know and I'll message you on facebook or send you an email so you have it! I plan on posting lots of pictures of my stuff and my phone as soon as I can find the downloader thingy (USB cord?) for the camera. So for now you'll just have to look at this one of me and my sister!

And now to tell you all about my life as of right now. For some reason, I can never feel good for more than two days before I feel bad again and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm worried about how it's going to hold up for AE but something tells me that God has means for something good to come by this and I just need to trust Him. Easier said than done! I really appreciate your prayers for me that I would not be discouraged about this and that I would be able to just trust God with everything.

This Friday I am going to go to Rachel Stark's house for her birthday party which is a sleep over so I'll be there till Saturday! I'm really looking forward to seeing her again and, if everything works out, she might sleep over at my house the day before we leave for AE and we'll drive up together which will be so much fun!

And I think that is all so until I find my camera cord to add pictures... I think it's time to say good night and God bless y'all with an amazing day tomorrow with a big smile and hug from God!

Love you tons!

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