Friday, January 30, 2009

The last post....

Sounds a lot worse than it is really. 6 weeks away for Internet isn't too bad. :-P But anyway, as you know, I too, along with Kristen and Sarah will be joining the ranks of Advanced Excel 17. I have almost all my clothes and shoes packed and I am so very excited for Monday. I will heartily miss not seeing the rest of our team around the Center though, it'll be weird without you guys!
Like Sarah said, LOVE MAIL! :-D So if any of you find yourselves with a bit of time on your hands..... :-D


Hey! New blog look! I like it! B-)


Truthfully, life is pretty good. :-) I've really enjoyed spending lots of time with my family, and we've been able to have some good discussions on some of the things that we learned at Excel. Relax a bit and have some fun! :-D I love family! But now, I'm really ready for the next thing. AE! I think God is going to use this to challenge me in new ways, but I know that He'll be there to help me through/over them! :-) Of course, your prayers would be appreciated, I know that I have a lot left to learn, and I'd just as soon learn it the first time! :-)

Next time I talk to you, I should have some new pictures! I hope the rest of you keep posting because I'll look forward to reading them when I get back.

Lots of love and many blessings!


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