Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In November, my uncle had four tickets to a Florida Gators game that he didn't want, so my brother, two of my fellow Gator fans, and I went up to Gainesville to see our Gators play. We had a great time watching the future NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

I've recently been trying my hand at bmx... It's a lot of fun, great exercise, and chance to spend more time with my little brother.

MMMM!! YUMMY! I love cupcakes! Amanda and I made cupcakes recently... so yea.... I love cupcakes. haha

I wuv my wittle brodder!

MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, but I'm still getting the hang of it, lol.

Me and my little sister, Anna, goofing off.

Amanda and me trying to look tough in our brothers' boy scout shirts, lol.... (notice... I got my hair cut!!)

So yea.....
my life is going pretty awesome...
I have the best friends and the best family ever....
Lately I've just been doing school, going to Bible studies, figuring out my plans for the year, etc. I've also been showing some friends the Life Purpose Planning book...
hahah, I HATED that book before Mr. Novotny showed up! Now I love it!
I also have been thinking about my own purpose, and trying to apply it more on a daily basis..
It's not always easy. Also, my family is watching the weather, waiting for a snowstorm, so that we can go skiing/snowboarding.... I'm excited!!!

Well, as much as I love my life, there isn't much to say about it, hahah.
That's all folks. ;)

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the pictures, Megan!! They were lots of fun to see!
Blessings on your week!