Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Humor, cookies, and little brothers-- A FANTASTIC combination!

Hello, everybody!

I hope that you are having a productive week! God is good and His faithfulness is new every morning. This week I have been working on AE assignments and enjoying being at home with my family.

I was unsure what to write to post today until my four-year-old brother Ethan said something this evening that gave me a good laugh. I had to share this smile with you. Maybe you can laugh with me! :)

My mother and Ethan had gone to the grocery store for a few things and, when they returned home, Ethan came into our entryway and shouted, "Saaarraah, I'm hooome!"

"I am in my room," I replied, knowing that he just wanted to know where I was.

Ethan came running into the bedroom holding a package of his favorite cookies. "Sarah, look! I brought you some raspberry chocolate-chip cookies!"

I thanked him for thinking of me and smiled at how thrilled he was over cookies. "Oh, Punkin-- you're in your element!"

As he joyfully turned and ran out of the room, he giggled, "I knooow, Sarah!! I am an elephant!"

Oh, how I love that darling little boy!

May God bless your day with many reminders of how much He loves you and how important it is to find pleasure in the little things that He made. Enjoy your family-- they will make your day!

Lots of love, Saaaraah Poss :)

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