Friday, April 17, 2009

Huzzah! I finally remember my post day... on my actual post day! :D I kept remembering either before or after... *sigh* Oh well!

Anyway, Hello Team 6! I hope that you all are doing fabulously and having an amazing Friday! My Friday will be amazing just as soon as I turn my assignments in! ;) (actually... it's amazing already, it will just be more amazing then!)

I'm just over a month into the AE home practicum now and I am enjoying it immensely! The assignments are a bit of a challenge, but I love the challenge and I feel that God is teaching me a lot. Strangely enough, I am also really enjoing the one paper that I was really dreading... the medical research paper. Goes to show you that God isn't limited by what we think are our limitations. :)

I am also going to be a Pre-Excel team leader at RTC in Big Sandy this year... I am very excited about that!! (VERY excited!) And I hope that I get to see some of you there! T'would be amazing to see you all again! :D
That also reminds me... I'll be gone over my next post day, but I'll try to post on the weekend that I get back.

Well... I should really get back to work now... assignments call! I wish that I could give you each a huge hug... know that I'm sending one your way!

Call me if you like... let me know if you don't have my number because I'd love to hear from you!

Love to you all!


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