Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well of all people it had to be me! Well I'm sorry, but I have had a crazy week! I am presently babysitting my two little nephews, and they honestly have been driving me crazy!
Other then that, I am kinda fine, some conflicts have risen upon my arrival and with that a few tears. My foot is the same as usual. I have an appointment on  the 14th for an MRI, which is a huge praise, because it could have taken a lot longer to get one :) Now I have started reviewing my book and started pitching in some new ideas which I am excited about! Readjusting to different mentalities is kinda tricky. It's hard but it's life! It seen I had forgotten how sometimes the world could be so unfair... it is a reality that struck me upon the very arrival home. 
With Christmas coming, I'm sure that a lot of exciting things will happen! I can't wait for our family reunions which are both exhausting and a ton of fun! God is good! He has given me wonderful friends and a great character building family!
Love all of you!

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