Friday, December 5, 2008

Good afternoon girls!

Three days ago...... I surveyed the horizon as the battle raged on. We were completely surrounded. The sound of crashing steel rang though the air broken only by the thud of the catapult and the cries of pain. We were fighting valiantly, but there were too many of the enemy, and not near enough of us. Numbers may not always win battles, but they certainly appeared to be this time. The worse part of it all... was that most of the enemy wasn't even fighting! They were just looking on from the tree line, waiting to sweep in and finish off whatever their comrades didn't.

From where I stood, it appeared that we had two options. We could die fighting, or we could surrender and live once again under wretched tyranny. Neither outcome seemed very appealing to me, but I couldn't see any other recourse. I knew that the High King had sent his sister for help, but that had been quite some time ago and I didn't think that we could rely on being rescued at this point.

Ku-THUD! I turned around to see what the crash was. Oh-no! They were attacking the How it was crumbling under the battery! That meant our backs were literally against the wall. No hope of escape was left. I looked toward the High King to see how we were to proceed. But he too, looked as though he felt the situation was beyond redemption...

~Miles away....

Thump- Thump- Thump We urged the horse faster! We had to get there in time to save them! The enemy solider behind us was gaining fast and the horse was getting tired. If we couldn't get through, then the others would be lost! Suddenly, we realized that there was a third person in the forest, and they too were gaining fast. All I could see was a flash of golden fur between the trees. Then, it jumped in front of us and stopped..... it was a Lion. With a mighty roar he leaped over us and attacked the enemy solider. We were safe!

Six weeks prior......

"Just when it looks like there's a horrible A and a worse B, God shows up and gives us an amazing C." ~Lauren B.

About that time I wanted that amazing C pretty badly, in fact, I was begging God for a C. The thing was, I knew what C I wanted too. And in the last three weeks since I've been home, God has given me part of that C. It wasn't quite the C that I thought He should give me, but it was definitely better than the A or the B. And I know for a fact, that He gave me the right C, because He doesn't make mistakes.This is how my God works. He's far bigger than my circumstances, and He delights to show me all the ways that He can take care of my problems better than I can!

Okay, so three days ago I wasn't exactly in the middle of a battlefield. I was actually in the kid's section of Mardels watching the newly released Prince Caspian whilst sitting, not on a magnificent steed with Queen Lucy, but rather on a very small purple bench. But hey! To someone with an imagination like mine... I was there! Fighting alongside my fellow Narnians. :)

(Along that note, I don't recommend watching a Narnia movie with me, it's usually interrupted by things like 'No!' and 'You rat!' or 'Yeah Peter! Go Edmund' and 'Huzzah!'. I can control myself, but usually choose not to! :P)

Oh and if you haven't seen Prince Caspian yet, you'll have to do so, so that you can find out what happens! :)

Anyway, as I was watching this battle unfold, I thought of the correlation to what Lauren had said to me six weeks ago. When all is almost lost, God can come in and show Himself strong on behalf of His people. Just like Aslan did for the Narnians. Then He receives all the honor and the glory. What I'd like to challenge you with is do you trust Him enough to rescue you? Will you step back and let Him give you His perfect C option... or are you happy with trying to fix your horrible A or worse B?

Will you let your Lion of Judah defeat your problem with His mighty power and echoing roar? I hope so, because it sure is an amazing thing to see!

Love you all, miss you tons! I'm praying for you!

Love and blessings,



Sarah said...

How very true, Alaina! Thanks for the reminder of God's willingness to provide for us a C that will always surpass our expectations! How often we try to do it in our own strength, even though we know full well that we can do nothing without His help... Will we ever learn?

shieldmaiden said...

Thanks for sharing this with me Alaina. It always amazes me how God picks out just a sentence or two among an abundance of words to be straight from Him. (It's even more amazing when He uses mine!)

I'm really impressed with the team blog idea, too. Wow! Y'all are brilliant!