Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello, dear friends!

I am praying that all of you are doing well and are enjoying the time that you have to spend impacting the lives of family and friends! I love you all and I am so thankful to God for allowing me to have the privilege of getting to know each and every one of you!
A few weeks ago, I began working on a quilt. I had purchased the materials last fall, but hadn't had time to do anything with them until now. The quilt will be queen-sized in greens, creams, tans, and browns when I am finished with it. It is definitely a time consuming project, but I, personally, enjoy quilting and find it relaxing.

One day, as I was cutting out some of the squares for the quilt top, I remembered something that my mom had said to me during my last quilting project.

Why take such beautiful fabric and cut it all up into bits and pieces, when you'll only to have to sew it back together again?

My mother enjoys my quilting and, of course, she knows why! As I was smiling to myself while I thought about her comment, all of the sudden, it dawned on me! This was just like Chrissy's glass figurine illustration! In order to make a quilt, it is necessary to take beautiful fabric and "destroy" it by cutting it apart. Then, and only then, do you have the ability to put together those pieces in an attractive pattern. Each homemade quilt is unique and tells a special story that is like no other. As heirlooms, they become priceless treasures. Their real beauty comes through those "worthless" pieces of cloth. As Chrissy has often encouraged us, let the pieces of your life be a continual reminder to you that God is working to make you into an heirloom that will reflect the wisdom and investment of your Designer and will one day cause others to marvel at the beauty that God can make out of the pieces that we surrender to His care.

Since returning home, my mother encouraged me to undertake the task of teaching two of my younger brothers, Isaac and Levi (ages 8 & 6), to play the recorder and to learn to read music. I willingly agreed, looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with my brothers while teaching them something constructive. They are eager learners, and we are all enjoying the experience. It is not uncommon for all three of us to be heard laughing hysterically at the silliest little thing. :) Our three year old brother, Ethan, would join us, too, if his fingers would cooperate by staying on the holes where he put them! Spending time more one on one with Isaac and Levi reminded me of something that Jesus said to his disciples.

"At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying,
Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
And Jesus called a little child unto him,
and set him in the midst of them,
And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted,
and become as little children,
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child,
the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name
receiveth me."
Matthew 18:1-5
Since right now my main area of ministry is to my own family at home, it can be easy to get a little discouraged with the day to day activities- not that they are a problem, just that it seems like not much is getting accomplished. This passage has been a good reminder to me that the little things that I do and the quality time that I spend with my little brothers has eternal value and is extremely important to my Heavenly Father. Every minuscule task can be turned in to a labor of love and every child helped can be done as a service for my Lord Jesus Christ. By conforming our attitudes to Christ's, drudgery turns into delight and "a waste of valuable time" becomes "time wisely spent."

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and give you a smile and a hug that you can carry with you all throughout the week!!

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Alaina said...

Thanks for sharing that Sarah! That is a very good illustration. :)
Love you lots!