Monday, February 16, 2009

my dear exelonians

hay, I hope all of you are doing well. especally thoes at AE! from what Ive heard all is going very well. God has been teaching me so much the past couple of weeks. about two weeks ago we did a world history coarse (being my favorite subject, I enjoyed very much). and I learned so much. Bro. baker started from the garden of Eden and ended at the present day wars. It was a lot to cover in one week but it was a sinch, compared to (in a dramatic tone) da da daaaaaaa, EIC week! I enjoyed it soooo much. We are even going to have an American history coarse as well, then we are going to talk a man in our Church to do a Louisiana history coarse too! he knows everything there is to know about our wonderful state, so I am looking forward to it.
I also have been doing a lot of gardening!!! I love to garden. Watching Gods Creation happen right before my eyes! Right now I am growin peas, cabbage, leaks (a type of green onion, very good in potato soup), regular green onion, lettuce, dill, garlic chives and parsley. next week I will be growing purple green beans, then a few weeks later Ill be growing tomato's, cucumber, okra, banana peppers, squash, possibly bell pepper and Brussels sprouts, basil, purple basil, sage, chives, and any other herbs that seem satisfying, I will be doing a lot of dehydrating and canning!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I love it. Its funny though, when it comes to outside, I do pretty well, but my thumb turns gangrene when it comes to house plants
God also has been teaching me a whole bunch on Revelation. I think I mentioned it that Brother Baker has been teaching on it on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I am enjoying that too. Its always fun to hear deep scriptural insight. it has been sooo much of a blessing in my life.
It has also been a time of learning for me this week with mom. she is still in pretty bad health, but now she feels better were she can do thing again. For the past three years I have pretty much taken over the house, cleaning, cooking, taking care of daddy as well as momma, taking care of grandma, etc. but now we are trying to switch over back to mom being in control. It is tough sometimes, but the past three years has only been a training for me, now I need to fall back into "daughter mode" :). please pray for me in this area, because sometimes we can get very flustrated at each other. ;).
Well, I hope all of your days are a blessing, and a joy, I love you all :).
Love Heather
Ps. 31:5

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