Sunday, May 31, 2009


lots of fun at chef, skits and games.

wow, I think I just made Kristin feel a lot better about taking so long to post. I think its been 2 months since I have, and I missed it so much. I have been very busy. the pictures below will explain.

well, first was our chef conference, our church does the children's program and I was song leader. It was sooooo much fun our theme was family fun and our decoration was family picnic and we had the whole stage to look like a camping ground. It was such a blessing to do and the children loved it..... after that, two day after actually I went to big sandy to teach pre-Excel! It was so much fun to teach these young girls the things I learned when I was there age. God just gave me the words and the endurance to get through another week. then this past week I went to smite!!! I know y'all have herd me talk of it, going out to do bible clubs and such. Well, it was last week, I was the leader of a team of two other girls one first level, and one second, then I was also on a demo team, were we go from class to class, one a day, and do a demonstration of a bible club. that was fun. our team in particular did well enough to do the group demo (were all classes are together) on Friday. I was such a fruitful week. we had I think 1400 or more enrolled and 550 saved!

my team had a daycare, we had about 12 saved out of 16. Plus 3 committed to be missionaries, whether it be in there family, school or neighborhood! one little boy who got saved the first day did not have a bible, so one of my girls gave him a new testament. the next day he told us all about the stories that he read and we figured he read about 4-6 chapters in John the night before! We gave him a full bible on Friday, his face just beamed and immediately started reading the beginning! The second boy, his name was Rodger, he was about 9 or 10. When he rose his hand to get saved I sat and talked to him and 3 other children, one little girl got saved the day before and just needed to understand that she would never have to do it again, the second, a boy, got saved during my invitation after telling the bible lesson. The third, also a boy, told me he asked Jesus into his heart while I was talking to the other two, he said that he didn't want to go to hell and ask Jesus into his heart, to forgive him of his sin, and save him from hell. Well, I sent the other three back to there seats and began talking to Rodger. He prayed to himself, and afterwords when I asked him what he said, he answered and I asked him, did you mean that with your whole heart 100%, and he looked up at me and said no. so I explained it again to him and said I want you to pray again, but this time, picture yourself in a room all alone with Jesus, and a door. You can either go to Jesus 100% believing or go out the door. well, he prayed and afterwords I asked him what he said. He said... I pictured myself in my bedroom, and Jesus was standing next to my bed, and the door was open. ( I never mentioned the door OPEN) I started to walk over to the door then I SLAMMED IT, then went to Jesus asked him to forgive me and come into my heart, and I meant it 100%!!!!!!!! I just wanted to cry, it was such a blessing to see that he understood. anyways, here are the pictures from my experiences :).

my pre excel

Rodger left and darian, I think..... my daycare

demontration of the missionary story

our "fearless" HaHa, leader Uncle Jerry Pertell

on that happy note here are some quotes from smite....
If you fail to prepair, you are preparing to fail.... If satan isn't in your busness, your probobly in his, bro. capacy.... Dont ever get bigger than broken... Envy diggs the mud that jelosy throes at success, bro. capacy. love you lots

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Sarah said...

Sooo good to hear from you, Heather! I missed having you post, too, but I totally understand about being busy!

Us "AE" people have exactly two weeks before heading back to Dallas for our final week and graduation, and we have a ton of stuff to do before then! I am SO thankful that I serve a mighty God Who can do everything and will enable me to get everything done!!

Blessings on your week, my friend!
Love you, Sarah