Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ready... set... finish!!!

Today I am packing and finishing up a couple of assignments before I leave today. I am going to Rachel's house with my sister and we are going to stay with the Starks family for the weekend and attend the BASIC seminar with them. Then, on Sunday, the Starks family is driving down to Lawton to meet my family and to get my sister back home. Sunday night, me, Allison, and Rachel are sleeping over at Julie's house so we can all drive down to Dallas together, courtesy of Julie's mom, Mrs. Sholtess who is going to drive us.

On Monday, most of us students will be there or arriving except for two girls I think. We are going to go to the mall and watch a movie that night. Tuesday is the official start day but before we give our speeches... we are going to go to very special coffee shop (at least it's special to me, I'll have to tell you that story some other time!) and then the day will begin with final speeches and assignments with lots of fun activities thrown in between, formal desserts, scrapbooking our pictures, team meetings and then... GRADUATION!!! On Friday, at 2:00. Happy day!!!

God gave me a smile last night in the form of a beautiful sunset. I went outside to journal in the fading light and several times I would just stop writing and stare at the gorgeous sky. But then, after writing for a while, I looked up and the colors were gone. God showed me that this is the what is happening right now. AE was a glorious sunset of His power and might in my life and now, the colors are fading and this chapter of my life is closing. That is... until tomorrow. What kind of sunset He has for me then... I don't know. But it will be just as beautiful and amazing as this one.

What's the sunset in your life?

I love you all dearly!


Sarah said...

Sooo true, Kristin!!
Looking forward to seeing you in three short days!!!
Love, Sarah

Team 4 said...

I am sooo jealous of you for staying at Sister Julie's house... and am still hoping to pop by the DMC on 61909 at 2PM... can't be sure though, so if I don't:
I miss you!
P.S. Just watched the EXCEL 31 slideshow this afternoon. It is worth the rewatch!