Friday, July 24, 2009

my dear friends,

It has been such a productive summer. God has put so many challenges and blessings in my path. I want to share with you a few of them...

As you know my summer consists of 5 day bible clubs. We teach in day cares as well as neighborhoods, and projects. If you don't know what a project is, go to the most dangerous, dirty, worst built houses in your area or in your state, and your there. there filled with drug runners, gang bangers and children. I have to say just in my 9 years experience in these places I would say 99% of these children are unloved, beaten and called things that you would never imagine. I love these children, that's were my heart lies. This year I did bible clubs in my area, Hammond LA, and Natchez MS. doing between 3 to 5 clubs in different areas a day! It does get tiring but when God calls you to do something, he will provide the strength and the endurance to do it.

all my stories take place in Natchez. we did 5 clubs a day. It was me as well as two other young ladies. we had a missionary couple who where our counsels and our drivers. Our first two clubs were in day cares, they went fine, but the problems happened in our last three. the first project we went to was pretty large, I had been there before a few years back, but didn't remember very much about it. the first day we knocked doors to invite kids, but since it was so big, we started the next day. we had 13. the club only lasted one other day because the deacon in the area didn't like what we were doing. We think he told the families not to let them come, because there were kids everywhere but they wouldn't come. so that one fizzled out, but we did plant seeds and if any of those children die without Christ there blood wont be on our hands. And if that deacon was responsible, there blood will be on his.

the second club we went to was fine, but had many distractions. Witch normally there were, but satan wanted to use the unusual ones. the first day one of the kids would sit only through part of the club than ride his bike through it back and forth. By the third day we had to tell him he couldn't come unless he stopped, so he did. on another day we had three kids riding horses down the street! that was a first on one two were riding double, and the oldest on the other. On another day, right as one of the girls was giving an invitation a school bus stopped right next to us and the kids began screaming to our kids and everyone looked up. thankfully satan didn't win, 2 got saved still. Than on the last day, I was up telling the missionary story when I noticed I lost the attention of all the kids for a few minuets. afterwords I found out right behind and up the street there was a drug deal going on at that moment. God did get the glory in the end having 4 I think get saved at that club.

finally, we went to this apartment complex. The owner let us use this conference room. (which was really just a little air conditioned room with folding chairs.) the first day of that club was interesting. wile one of the girls was up teaching the memory verse, there was a boy next to me kicking the chair in front of him. The girl who was sitting in the chair, had a 8 or 9 month old baby in her lap, and was getting annoied. she turned around and yelled, and at the blink of an eye the two of them were up and ready to fight! I jumped between them and prayed the would not jump on me too. I yelled at the girl, her name was keavonna, and told her to sit down. Then looked at the boy, his name was Tyrell, and did the same, but He wouldn't. He stared straight at keavonna and had the look of murder in his eyes. I tried to get him to look at me, he wouldn't. I even tried to force him to sit down, he wouldn't budge. he just kept staring her down. There was so much anger in him I was really worried he would try to hurt her or even me. finally on of my counselors told them to take it outside to try to get him to sit, and intently he went out the door with keavonna shouting I CAN TAKE HIM!!! with the baby on her hip. I jumped between them again, and told her to go sit, and she did. I than started toward Tyrell to try to talk to him but he wouldn't stop. they were only about 9 or 10. That day 9 people got saved!! Including keavonna, and a 9 year old who brought her mom and brother, they all got saved!!! the mother said that she had never heard this truth before!!! she had to be at least 48 or so. She had never heard of Gods promise. after the club was over, we were just fixing to leave when I saw tyrell. I walked up to him and he started away from me again. I than said, wait, I'm not angry, I just want to talk to you. he stopped. I than said I was sorry for yelling at him earlier, but I was not about to have a fight break out in the middle of club. I gave him the whole gospel, and said, you know, God doesn't care what happened in there he cares only about your soul, what your going to do with the rest of your life. He started crying. I continually told him I Love you and That God loves him. in the end he asked Jesus into his heart and received Christ as he personal savour. I invited him back to club the next day and gave him a hug. he came the next day with a completely different countenance. and such a thirst for the word of God. that next day, I had the opportunity to speak to a girl only 13 who was in a gang. She accepted Christ as well, but than we began to talk. Her name was De-keria. I encouraged her to leave her gang, than the Lord just pressed on my heart to talk to her about pressure. I said your gang might try to get you to come back, they might even threaten you, but you need to stand alone and know that your a child of Christ and he will protect you. I than asked her, what if someone put a gun to you head and said reject Christ or die, what would you say? She answered, no because God will protect me. I told her even if they did kill you, you would be in heaven anyway. She smiled. I have he address, so I can encourage her more, so please be praying for her. On the last day I gave the missionary story. I like to do the last day, because I like to give a charge to the kids to be a missionary themselves. I would tell them about a friend of mine who is a missionary to Vanuatu a place that had no missionaries or even a bible in there language, and she is there unmarried and they love her. She is practicly part of the tribe. She lives there. well afterward keavonna comes up to me and says, she wants to be a missionary!! and not just to her neighborhood, or school but to other countries! She was asking me question after question, Ive never heard of Vanuatu, what other countries are there that never had a missionary, can you get books on missionaries at the library? I gave her three missionaries to read on, Hudson Taylor, who was what you would call a normal missionary, Darleen Dibler Rose, someone who when through suffering for Christ, and John and Betty Stam, a couple who died for the cause of Christ. That way she could have different aspects of being a missionary. She told me, I use to never want to grow up. But now I want to grow up as fast as possible so that I can go to these other countries before anyone else does. I was so exciting to see the commitment she made, and her excitement in it. I gave her a wordless book so that she could use it as a tool to win souls, and when she saw my 5 day club invitations she got so excited and ask for some. we gave her a bible, and she was beaming! I always wanted a bible of my very own, she said. I want to encourage you all to do a bible club in your area. Even if you only have one kid come, God will rejoice. Like the words to one of my favorite songs...

Go sound the horn, strike up the choir, as sinner is saved, saved from the fire

no more in darkness, hes received my son, all heavens rejoicing,

that's the value of one

You will never know who's life you might touch.

far left blue shirt, Tyrell
next to him keavonna
on the right next to me De-keria

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing account of God's grace and divine intervention! I really was touched reading you article - thank you for posting it!